Mixed Popcorn

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Though its appearance might be similar to popcorn, This strain should never be confused for the low-quality ‘popcorn’ nugs that are basically shake. They might be small, but they still pack a punch. Popcorn Kush is an indica hybrid, so it carries a well-balanced mix of effects. The exact balance of sativa to indica is unclear, but the effects lean more toward an indica-dominant profile.

The flavour of the flower is similar to buttered popcorn with additional notes of grapefruit, blue cheese, and blueberries. The smell consists of sweet and sour berries, hints of cheese, and fruit. The popcorn-shaped buds are bright green with light leaves, brown hairs, and trichrome crystals scattered all across the flower’s surface. The effects are calming, creative, and happy.

Popcorn Kush is awesome in the treatment of anxiety, glaucoma, the symptoms of ADHD, and chronic pain. It can also bring on an intense case of munchies, which makes Popcorn Kush ideal in the treatment of eating and wasting disorders.

Likely side effects include dry eyes and dry mouth, while paranoia, headaches, and dizziness are also possible.